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Rep. Ricki Ruiz | Rep. Akasha Lawrence Spence | Rep. Julie Fahey | Rep. Karin power



REP. Janelle Bynum | Rep. Maxine Dexter | Sen. Lew Fredrick | Sen. Kayse Jama | Rep. Pam Marsh | Rep. Mark Meek | Rep. Zach Hudson | Rep. Khahn Pham

The Oregon Cannabis Equity Act provides equal opportunity for Black, Indigenous, and Latinx ownership in the growing cannabis industry and invests in communities disproportionately impacted by overpolicing and cannabis criminalization.


As Oregon continues to see growth in the recreational cannabis market, the Oregon Cannabis Equity Act provides an opportunity for Oregon to pass the most comprehensive, holistic approach to cannabis equity in the United States. This Act focuses on widespread reinvestment in the communities that have been hurt most by racial profiling and the War on Drugs – Black, Indigenous and Latina/o/x communities.

Passage of the Oregon Cannabis Equity Act would focus cannabis tax dollars and other relevant funds into repairing the damages done to Black and brown communities by providing business opportunities and support and meeting housing, education, and health care needs. The act also enacts free, automatic expungement of eligible cannabis crimes for everyone eliminating the hurdles that have kept 20,000+ Oregonians from expunging their cannabis record.

Cannabis Equity Acts repairs harm done via cannabis criminalization in four parts:

1. Community Investment

Invests resources into programs that rebuild wealth for Black and brown communities, including education, land and home ownership, small business development, and job training and placement.


Rate Black Oregonians were arrested for cannabis crimes versus white Oregonians despite comparable usage

2. Free, Automatic Expungement

Free, automatic expungement of everyone with an eligible cannabis conviction, even people who owe fines and fees



cannabis-related expungements have been processed since SB 420 passed, although there are over 28,000 records with eligible cannabis crimes


Increase diversity among cannabis licensees by creating equity license types with reduced fees, faster processing, and capital and technical support


Black ownership within
the cannabis industry nationally

(OLCC does not have complete Oregon data)


Ensures the Cannabis Equity Fund invests in Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities and tracks a measurable return on investment of funds

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